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Returnable packaging isn’t very effective if it doesn’t get returned. The Cargo Carousel System guarantees the return of your packaging by allowing delivery and pick-up at the same time and at any stop up or down the value chain. Each time a “module” is removed from the Carousel it opens up a position for another module to take its place insuring your reusable packaging is returned while also keeping it protected from theft. These standard sized reusable modules replace pallets and plastic wrap to offer superior protection and are suspended from the Carousel to better absorb shock.

Standardization allows any retailer, 3PL, distributor or producer to use these same modules in any leg of their supply or reverse chains. Each module can be closed, locked and sealed so anyone can use or transport them and the same “sized” modules go to all retail chains, regardless of products.

Modules can be built as racks to carry trays or built with cross-bars at the top to transport and store or display garments. In more general applications they can replace pallets to carry totes or other returnable packaging or stand alone to carry consumer packaged goods that are still being shipped in cardboard boxes. Regardless of their purpose, all modules fit on the Carousel to allow full height utilization of the trailer or container without crushing the merchandise underneath.

By consolidating or pooling LTL shipments, companies can achieve organic growth by increasing the utilization of wasted space on their trucks or in their warehouses. Keeping trucks full by continuously pooling LTL shipments can eliminate empty back hauls while achieving end-to-end visibility in both, the supply and reverse chains. Learn more…