Management and Governance

We’re a group of professionals who’ve banded together to bring this project to light. The principals of the company have worked on various projects together for over fifteen years. We like to scale audacious ideas where failure is just as important as success; fail fast, test again, incubate and scale what works. This team has been assembled specifically for this project and we’re seeking specific partners to help us verify its impact on a global scale.

Managing Director: Glen Munholland, President, Circular Supply Chains Inc.

Glen has been a corporate accountant for over 30 years with experience managing both, privately held SME’s and public multi-nationals. His expertise lies in the field of long-term Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) installations management. During his career Glen developed a company that handled reverse logistics for Walmart, Sears, Costco and The Bay in Western Canada from 1995 to 2014. It was from this experience that Glen realized the extreme inefficiencies inherit to large scale supply chains and decided to develop the Cargo Carousel System. On the path to commercializing this technology the team recognized a win-win opportunity to eliminate modern slavery from supply chains and that has been the companies mission moving forward.

Legal Counsel: Bryce Munholland, B.Comm, MBA, LLB, CEO, Circular Supply Chains Inc.

Bryce is a lawyer and business consultant and has been practicing law for over 30 years. He is well-versed in business law and management having served both public and private corporate clients. The development of the sensor and communication technologies for the Cargo Carousel System was managed and overseen by Bryce as he and his team spent 15 years developing custom software for the upstream oil & gas industry. Since the collapse of oil prices Bryce has teamed up with Glen to deliver a system that is unparalleled in the transportation/supply chain sector.

Senior Systems Architect, Brad Jones, M.SC S.Eng.

Specializing in distributed and efficient software solutions, Brad has been designing, developing, and delivering effective software applications in multiple sectors for over 20 years.  Focusing on industry best practices, and leveraging open source solutions, Brad has excelled in delivering significant value for clients and heads up the application software development for the Cargo Carousel System.

Senior Hardware and Embedded Software Specialist, Rob Rameika, BSc.EET, CET

Rob has over 20 years of experience specializing in industrial and automotive electronics for harsh environments with wired and wireless communications. Rob turns the data from our sensors into a human-readable language and is head of the SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) sensory system development for the Cargo Carousel System.

Head of Mechanical Engineering, Martin Hadzima, P.Eng.

Martin brings 15+ years of engineering design experience from such notable companies as Airbus Group and Thyssen Krupp Canada. Developing and testing multiple designs for the CCS, Martin has focused on a robust, light-weight model to offer a cost-effective solution to empty back hauls that dramatically improves supply chain visibility while adding flexibility and sustainability to the entire value chain.

Head of Advisory Committee, Dr. Benoit Montreuil, Ph.D. Industrial Engineering

Ben is the originator of the Physical Internet concept and a professor of Industrial Engineering at Georgia Tech. His input and strategic direction on supply chain matters are invaluable in keeping us on track towards our mission of eliminating modern slavery in supply chains.